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Lion and Lamb Yard

Especially on rainy days, a tired woman in old-fashioned riding clothes has been seen near an old water pump, while both heavy and "dainty" footsteps have been heard in the nearby vicinity. A man has also been observed disappearing into the wall at this same location. Opposite the pump is a cafe and restaurant, where a lady (again, in old-fashioned attire which includes a long overcoat and felt halt) has been seen to disappear, either inside or outside the establishment. The phantom even fell down stairs which used to lead to the hayloft when the building was part of a stables attached to an inn. There are other reports of phantom ladies - described as wearing Victorina clothing, or being "old" and it is not clear whether they are the same person. A man in a white smock may also be another phantom in this vicinity! At the entrance to the yard once stood the Lion and Lamb Hotel, now a number of shops. A young woman and an older woman were seen outside the hotel (though not at the same time), who disappeared after a while - one of them may even have been mistaken for a customer inside the hotel. Whether these figures still manifest is not known at present.

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