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The Queens Head

A man in dark garments, thought to be a coachman, is said to haunt the attic and there are various claims for the cellar too.

Update 1/10/20: Penny and Rob replied to my query for any recent phenomena: "We have been in the pub for a year and have had no odd experiences. A customer told us a few years ago there was an evening with 4 mediums and inexplicable things happened ie a table moved and knocking was heard. Other customers have told us they have felt something, one of their dogs had sensed something and starting barking in a corner and would not come to the pub again until recently. We wish there was more to tell however we haven’t experienced anything ourselves yet ... Part of the building dates back to the 14th century and we have been told during the Napoleonic war prisoners were shackled in the cellar and one of our bar staff feels something eerie in the cellar. We have also been told someone was pushed down the stairs to the cellar and died. "

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