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George And Pilgrim Hotel

A "jolly, plump monk" in a brown habit haunts one room and walks the corridors, making the floorboards creak as he does so - it is said he is seen in the early hours of the morning. The story is that he hanged himself here. A spectral lady has also been seen too, described as elegant is also to be seen sometimes following the monk; a version of this story is that he had an affair with the woman but was discovered and was bricked up alive in the cellar. Unexplained stamping on the dray doors in the entrance corridor has been known to send eerie echoes in the cellar below. Harp music, bedclothes being pulled off in the night and the television coming on have also been experienced in the room called, "The Monk's Cell."

Link: Great British Ghosts

Update: 26/2/20: the hotel team informs me that, "we do indeed have many instances of odd occurances and so far have 27 entities sharing the building with us!" However, they were not specific about examples.

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