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Halsway Manor

There is a spectral lady on the stairs and apprently in room 15, but details are vague.

Update: 27/2/20 Chief Executive Crispian Cook replied to my query about recent phenomena and he reports that in room 3, ghosts have sat on beds, and have also lifted them up and people have been tipped out. Disembodied legs have been seen walking through the main hall and singing heard from a hidden attic room. Crispian also directed me to the history section on the Manor's website, in which it discusses several apparitions: a phantom Bishop who hurls apples at visitors, furious at the desecration of his chapel; a monk alleged to have been seen (and his footsteps heard) in the upper corridor; a "White Lady" who appears in the lounge where a door used to be; doors opening and closing by themselves; and a face being seen on the wall of a guest's bedroom during the night - the face soon turned out to be that of an old woman dressed in black descending as if down a staircase, giving the guest a concern look before she continued her descent down the invisible staircase.

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