The Southcliff Hotel

The ghost is said to be the former owner, a soldier, who, rather oddly, is said to "frequent the right hand side of the building".

Update 7/2/22 Patrick Durbus responded to my email about ghostly behaviour: "The hotel is made out of 5 houses built in 1860. Although nobody has reported activity, these are the ones I know of:
23 The Leas: room 324, guests wake up and see a British army officer at the window looking out to sea
24 The Leas: there is an orb in this house moving from basement to the 4th floor
26 The Leas: at times you can feel and perceive a "person" moving. I personally catch a glimpse of this in my peripheral vision. As a point of history the first occupier of this house was Lord Fitzroy McLean of the 12th hussars (Served in Crimea, but did not ride at Balaclava on the day of the "charge of the light brigade" as he was ill with dysentery). In Later years he purchased back the ruined family castle (Duart) on Mull island and re-instated it as the seat of the McLean Clan as he was its chieftain)"
In later communications, Patrick confirmed, "Not heard anything [of ghost reports] recently."

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