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The Woolpack Inn

Shadows have been seen, items have been moved and footsteps heard - and on one occasion, voices could be heard talking to the publican's child over a baby monitor!

Update 17/2/22: I contacted the inn and Theo replied with a history of the establishment, which noted, "The 'Woolpack' is renowned for ghosts. Paranormal investigations in August 2008 reputedly made contact with several spirit entities, including old smugglers, a young girl, a clergyman and an old resident named Fred, who has a penchant for buxom ladies, and kept touching one lady in particular!" Whether the ghosts were visible manifestations or simply resided in the mind of the psychics is unknown. Theo talked of his knowledge of the alleged phenomena: "lot of people say they can hear or feel something in the room called Frederick ... I think cold child [chill?], creaking floor boards especially next to the bath, curtains next to bath moving been reported too."

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