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The Goat

When this was "The White Horse", faces were seen looking out of windows (and spectral forms seen waving!), an ice bucket flew off a shelf and missed a worker's head, and glasses have flown off the shelves and been smashed. A female ghost haunted one of the bedrooms at one point (it is not clear if she is still "active") and the previous landlord's daughter awoke screaming when she found an old lady seated on her bed; additionally, that landlord saw a mysterious orange ball coming out of the stable block (now the function room). In addition, other phenomena include two faces appearing in the hatch between the bars; a staff member hearing a cough; another member hearing her name called; an old man with half a pint of beer seen at table 3; and the shadow of a lady which was seen passing through a former door and disappearing into the dining room. The pub was said to be the place where condemened prisoners were allowed one last drink before they went to be hanged.

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