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The Brushmakers Arms

The ghost is that of a 16th century man named Mr.Chickett who had accumulated a hoard of gold and silver and was beaten to death in the front upstairs room for his fortune. He is rarely seen but a pet dog refuses to enter the room. Much more common is the sound of footsteps and chinking coins which have been heard coming from the same room, and in the bar area and upstairs rooms, objects have been found moved by an unseen hand. There is also apparently a ghost in the cellar; an old landlord who hung himself. Mirrors have sometimes been found cracked, wardrobe doors found opened and a burning smell detected. The ghost also has an aversion to the landlord's cats and they react to something invisible. There are many other accounts reported here.

Update 16/3/22: I spoke to Nicky Taylor, the landlady who had been at the pub for some 6 years. When she moved in, it was quite active but has since calmed down, especially after an extension was put up - almost as if "the ghosts have got used to her (!)" She says that figures have been seen in peripheral vision, but were too indistinct to provide a description, except that they were about the size of a man. Footsteps have been heard in the pub too; when people were downstairs, the sound would be heard upstairs, and vice versa - of course, there was no-one there upon investigation. There have also been sightings of a golden orb, the size of a small melon; these were visible on camera as well as the naked eye, which puts them apart from the dust/particulate matter often offered as "evidence" by ghost hunters. Nicky also talked of glasses jumping off shelves, and "tankard" style mugs, hanging from handles in a row, been seen to swing for no reason. Dogs and people don't like to go into the cellar but Nicky has no problem there. She also talked of interference with the pumps to the beer supply in the bar, and things disappearing - "most" of the items came back eventually. The most interesting phenomena was when Nicky was in the upstairs hall, one late afternoon in November 2019. She saw a phantom boy and girl, holding hands. The boy was about 8 and wearing a "sacking" type material, described as being not as rough as hessian. The girl looked like she was 12 and was wearing a crudely made pinafore. Despite it being indoors, the girls hair was blowing as if she was in a wind. She smiled in a "malevolent" manner and Nicky said that she would like them to leave, and they vanished. They had not been seen before or since.

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