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Medieval Merchants House

The most recent phenomena reported here include lights dimming in the cellar and a chill descending upon the house during refurbishment work. There are also talkes of people feeling pushed from behind and candles in the cellar blowing themselves out. A "shadowy woman" has been seen walking around the corridors; she has also been observed staring "longingly" down the well, as if looking for something. It is believed by some that she was a woman named Ruth Dill who used to work here in the 1890s where she acquired extra income by sleeping with sailors who stayed here. Finally, she tried to rob a wealthy sailor but when she was caught pilfering his jewelry, she struck him with a fire iron, killing him immediately. Ruth escaped, throwing the stolen jewelery down the well.

Update 16/4/22: I visited the House and spoke to Fearne, who had been the site manager for the last four years. She knew of no experiences in that timeframe, but did still say "Good Morning" to the ...whatever... when she arrives for work in the morning!

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