Dancing Man Brewery

Apparitions had been seen walking around the building, said bar manager Amber Dumbar in a late 2021 newspaper interview; she recounted, "The cellar is definitely haunted. I've had my name called out down there!"

Update 24/1/22: Mandy Lacey-Cross replied to my email for more details on the haunting: "Several staff have reported someone saying their name. Its happened to me about 30 times over the last 7 years. Its either when I go to walk down the main staircase or on our service stairs at the back.
Things move here – we have heard scraping chairs upstairs when we have been closed.
When there were 4 ladies in the office about every 3 months we would feel a presence. A freezing cold ‘something’ would pass by each of us. I had mentioned this to a guest who was a medium and she said to speak to it. We always used to say 'hello Stephan' as she said he was a Stephan – possibly French, which would tie in with us once being a prison for the French who tried to invade via The Solent.
I have been told that there are many women (Ghosts) in our cellar. The medium said they were there to service the men being held prisoner and she saw money changing hands. She also said they loved me because I wasn’t scared of the men.
Several very tall figures – I think they are the same – have been seen at internal windows...
Oh - I have been told twice, that a small boy called Tom has written a message for me under the boiler for me but I am too scared to look."

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