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Bramber Castle

Furious with William de Braose's involvement in the Magna Carta, King John ordered that William's four children be taken hostage as a guarantee against their father's future good behaviour. When William learned of the plot, he and his family fled to Ireland but they were captured and the children left to starve to death at Windsor Castle. The ghostly children return to their homes at Bramber, especially at Christmas time, where their starved figures dressed in rags have been seen in the ruins. They have also been seen in the lane past the castle and the nearby village, their hands outstretched and begging for food. Sometimes they would follow a pedestrian but when the children were spoken to, they vanish. The sounds of a woman wailing has been heard too and they are thought to be those of Maude of Ditchling. Her husband found out that she was having an affair with Sir William de Lindfield and he bricked up his love rival in the dungeon. The next day Maude perished. Also, on moonlit nights, a white horse is said to gallow around the moat. These could be connected to the events at nearby Lavender Cottage.

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