Wymering Manor

A multitude of ghosts (as many as 20 according to one report!) are said to haunt this building; one website says that, "Somewhere in the darkest corner of this ancient house, a child's whisper can be heard. A ghostly nun stares from the shadows, her hands dripping with blood. Apparitions silently climb the staircases and phantom horses gallop away in the night." One of the phantoms is named Reckless Roddy!

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Update: 27/1/20: I am grateful to Richard Collyer, who has said that Sir Francis William Austen (brother of Jane) who is buried at St Peter and St Paul Church, slightly along the road, has been identified in the manor.

Update 10/6/22: Jonathan, who runs the Paranormal Company "Dark Encounters" and who looks after the building, informed me, "I have conducted over 150 investigations at the Manor and locked up many times more after events. And yet, the two significant occurrences I have never been able to explain both occurred late afternoon - when the building was supposedly empty. I know that the team have all had odd occurrences."

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