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Royal Pavilion

The man who ordered the Pavilion built, King George IV has been seen in the art gallery. Meanwhile, in the banqueting hall, a lady in a large floppy hat has been seen walking around the table. She is said to be Martha Gunn, who helped "popularise sea bathing at Brighton." A phantom servant haunts a private staircase while, in the gardens, a decomposing body has been seen. He is believed to be John Robinson, who died on the spot of the future Pavilion having just arrived home from taking part in a failed rebellion in the Middle East, where his eyes had been gouged out. Footsteps have also been heard in the Fine Arts Gallery.

Update: 21/1/2020: Responding to an email from myself for more information, Paula Wrighton who used to be a manager at the Pavilion, told me, "I did hear various haunted tales from the night security staff but nothing I can absolutely verify as fact. The Royal Pavilion isn't an especially haunted building and ghost tales have always been very thin on the ground and surprisingly unspectacular considering the appearance and history of the building."

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