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Brighton Rocks

A legend, from the time the pub was known as "The Battle of Waterloo" (or even before) says that a coachman haunts this bar; it used to be a coaching house and the coachman was the victim of a robbery by a highwayman. The coach was carrying the mayor and his daughter and after murdering the mayor and the coachman, the highwayman abducted the young girl.

Update: 27/7/20: Fraser Morley, the owner of Brighton Rocks informs me that, "We've been [here] for 3 and half years now and there have been a few things that have got our attention. We've had glasses fall off the back bar, Glasses on the bar floor no where near where they would be normally stacked, Heard the piano notes go a couple of times too. All small bits that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. I know it was said to be haunted by a carriage driver who was shot by a highwayman as he left the pub, I know the dogs bark at the walls and the cats can be very freaked out sometimes. I don't think its a bad sprint myself. Have never felt scared in there. "

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