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Pevensey Castle

Clashing swords, men yelling and the sounds of fighting have been heard here, and soldiers have been seen heading towards the castle across the marshes from the sea, possibly connected to an attempt to take the castle during a rebellion in 1088 by William Rufus (it failed). Additionally, a ghostly drummer has been reported, as has a Roman centurion. Lady Jane Pelham has also been observed on the battlements; she took command of the castle while her husband was away fighting during the reign of Richard II and her home was besieged. An alternate suggestion for the ghost's identity is Queen Joanna of Navarre, who was stepmother of Henry V; he accused her of being a witch and had her held prisoner in the castle for three years. However, her phantom does not seem to have been observed for quite a while. Dogs are so unnerved that they will not walk down the steps to the punishment cell below.

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