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Eggardon Hill

The ghosts of a white deer, and a pack of spectral dogs led by a hound with a shaggy coat and glowing eyes (commanded by the Devil himself!) have been seen on the hill and in the area; dogs and horses have been known to react in a terrified manner to some invisible force here. Horse drawn traffic and cars have also been known to encounter problems here too.

Update 26/1/20: I am grateful to Mandie Bennett for the following information: "Eggardon hill also has a old Roman soldier that is seen by the crossroads up by the spy way pub and he apparently says 'halt who goes there'. Personally haven't seen it but my husbands friend has and hit him, she got out but he had gone. Hes also been see in your rear view mirror that again when you get out hes gone. I've witnessed the sound of an army coming to attention echo around the hill on a sunny day that I cannot explain."

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