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Wolfeton House

In the 16th century, the Justice of the Peace George Trenchard locked an Irish priest named Cornelius in the gatehouse at Wolfeton; because the priest was Catholic, Trenchard asked the authorities how to proceed, as Cornelius was not one to cause mayhem or dissent. Eventually, Cornelius was ordered to be sent to London for questioning where it was eventually declared that he was to be executed for treason. Soon after he was hung, his ghost could be heard pacing back and forth in his quarters at the gatehouse; he has also been seen standing on the staircase. The other, rarer phantom is that of a ghostly carriage, being spurned on by a man in the driving seat. This supposedly originates from a drunken boast in the 18th century when a young man (said by some to be Judge Thomas Trenchard who owned the house) was challenged - and succeeded - in forcing his carriage up the Grand Staircase and into the 1st floor Eating Chamber. The headless ghost of the former owner Lady Trenchard has been seen wandering around in a grey gown. She committed suicide by cutting her own throat.

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