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Exeter Phoenix

Shuffling noises and faint screams have been heard in the basement, perhaps linked to the building's former use as a hospital. A man in old fashioned clothing has been passing the doorway to Phonic FM, also in the basement.

Update 9/12/21: Christina, the Marketing Manager replied to my email: "I personally have not experienced anything spooky about the building but I spoke to the Front of House and Box Office teams and it was a different story! Lots of unexplained rattlings, rumblings and scraping sounds while they are working in the building in the dark time after the shows have finished and everyone has gone home... I understand the lower floor of the building (was used as a morgue during WW2 which has led to staff feeling the heebie-jeebies down there - as well as a cold shiver or two. Today the basement is used as a print studio, radio station and music rehearsal rooms."

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