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Pizza Express

Once known as Tinley's, the ghost of "Old Friendly Fred" is said to haunt this building. He was executed for failing in his duty to secure the gate at night which led to the Cathedral, whereupon an unknown assailant murdered a member of the clergy. There are also stories of footsteps, tappings, tables being moved and something that plays with the music system including yanking the plug out of the wall so severely it needed replacing. In 1982, the "ghostly outlines" of four monks were seen warming themselves around a diused fireplace; a more recent spectre has been described as wearing "ancient costume". He sits in the restaurant and then gets up and walks down to the cellar, where he is not to be found. Meanwhile, the flat above the restaurant has also experienced strange phenomena including bulbs and clothing going missing, a heavy bookcase being pushed over, cold spots and a knife being flung across a room.

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