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Scaplen's Court

The ghost of servant Agnes Beard, wearing a long dark dress, has been seen in the area of the staircase of her former employer. The story is that after merchant William Greene died, he bequeathed everything to his wife Alice but the allure of his vast estate was too tempting for local vagabond Robert Hill and his ruffians. Hill and his compatriots burst into the house one evening and murdered Beard and Greene's widow with an axe. Hill's savagery was too much for his fellow villains and they turned him in, whereupon he was hanged (another version says that one of the miscreants confessed and was hung, the others escaping justice). It is also said that Alice Greene and the sound of their barking dog are other spectres here; the dog was silenced that night as the villains felt that it would alert others to their deeds. Another version of the tale names the sole miscreant as John Berryman, Green(e)'s son-in-law; he evaded justice but his phantom is said to linger here. A man in a long white beard and a cloak has also been reported; he is said to be friendly. There is also said to be a man in a bowler hat in the first floor Solar Room.

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