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Paramount Cafe

A phantom figure was found sprawled on a chair asleep in the lounge, complete with snoring! As the curtains were thrown open, the figure vanished. He is said to be Charlie, who worked in the building many years ago, and, from a brief glimpse of him, is said to be between 45 and 55 with dark hair and piercing eyes. He is also blamed for other phenomena in the building such as knives and utensils in the kitchen going missing (they eventually reappear), cold spots, rattling of doors and the sounds of someone moving downstairs during the night, footsteps, coffee and orange being found spilt on the floor overnight and bulbs constantly blowing on the stairs.

Update: 18/2/20: Following an email request for more information, Jon Gilbey tells me that although nothing has happened to him, they often have things like spray bottles, knives, pens, menu pads, utensils go missing but turn up again, sometimes months later.

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