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The Crow's Nest

At least four ghosts are said to "inhabit" this inn. The first is a lady who was heartbroken when her love failed to return from the mine. The second is an old woman who returns for a late night "tipple". The third is an old man who walks through the bar and into the outside portion of the pub; he could be the ghost nicknamed "Eddie" - perhaps Edward Charles Murch, a former landlord who was in charge in the early 1900s and died at the age of 72 behind the bar. The fourth is said to manifest as footsteps upstairs when no-one is there. Another possible spectre is a woman of medium height with grey hair and clothing of mid 19th century style walking through the dining room and out of a window where a door used to be (interestingly, only one member of a group of about eight saw this figure) - this ghost may be the "old woman" referred to above? Another sighting is of a boy wandering through the pub. On a few occasions, a column of "smoke", composed of tiny grains of sand was seen swirling below a light near the entrance to the bar. A row of broken glass, from smashed pint glasses, was found at the back of a glass shelf without anything else being damaged. A dark shadow and footsteps on a spiral staircase have also occurred. The new landlady, Jenny Heard, on her second day at the pub, was "treated" to a pint of beer which flew off the bar and onto the floor of its own accord. There is also a "spooky clock" that always runs ten minutes fast.

Update: 27/7/20 Dan Evans, the landlord said that, "We could provide witness accounts of Paranormal activity [if you visited] from when we moved in and locals have stories from before we arrived too."

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