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The Wig and Pen

A staff member found herself sealed in the unlocked cellar; items are moved around and beer taps and stereos are turned on by themselves. A sad girl with fair hair is, it has been suggested, Clare Jane Smith, who was knocked down by a horse outside the building in 1885 and died soon after she was carried into the pub.

Update 18/9/20: Jade Truman replied to my email to tell me, "I have only been living/working here for the past 2 months so personally I haven’t heard or seen anything except for the one odd rustle when closing down. However, I have met two previous tenants recently which have each individually had experiences concern the ghost! I also have an old newspaper article here which talks about the ghost and where a medium claims to have felt her presence. See attached photo (sorry about quality of pic). The strange thing is on all occasions where previous tenants have spoken about the ghost they’ve all said they same thing such as turning the taps on." The newspaper article mentions a trip to the pub by The Ghost Club Society, and also talks a landlord who saw a "very solid" apparition of a young girl in the cellar; she had beautiful, sad eyes and very light hair, and seemed to be about 14 or 15. Also in the article were mentions of the stereo turning on by itself, taps also being turned on

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