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Pengersick Castle

A variety of ghosts have allegedly been seen in this castle, including two female figures, a knight, a young girl who dances on the battlements (and tries to push people off!) and a monk in the upper room. On one occasion, a stream of rat shaped shadows were seen to dart across the grass in groups and then started crawling up the investigators clothes (the castle's cat even tried to catch these rodents, without success!). Inside the house, in addition to the spectral figures, a swirl of smoke was observed hovering over another ghost hunter which then gripped her arm.

Update 15/9/20: Jay Hodgetts, the Chair of the Pengersick Historic and Education Trust informs me, "suffice it to say that there is still what might be interpreted as ghostly activity at Pengersick with doors being closed, furniture being moved, sounds of laughter and odd noises on a regular basis"

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