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Selini/Celiney Yazbeck, Third Class Passenger

Letter from Mrs.Decker dated June 15 1955:

"I was a bride of 50 days. My husband and I were on our way to America to make our home. He had been to America before where he had a business.When I first realized that something was wrong, it was 11 o'clock [sic] at night and I was fast asleep. Suddenly, I heard a tremendous noise and immediately knew the ship had been hit hard. It almost threw me off the bed. The motor stopped at once. My husband and I jumped up and ran to see what had happened. We went to the engine room and saw the crew trying to repair parts of the ship. We were still wearing our night clothes. We rushed back to our room to put on our life preservers then went up on deck. Later we returned to our rooms to try to get our clothes, money and jewelry, but we found our room to be flooded with water. We went back on deck and we all started praying. We thought we could never be saved. All the lifeboats were being lowered. There were only 14 lifeboats. My husband and I headed for the lifeboats. He push me on and as he tried to join me, two policeman [sic!] grab him as they wanted to save all the women and children first. I began yelling and crying as I wanted to join him on the sinking ship. The boat was paddled away from the Titanic so fast that I couldn't jump off and be with my husband. We were about five minutes away from the ship, but we could still see it as the lights stayed on until the Titanic sank. The people on the Titanic were yelling and crying as it was slowly sinking. When the ship sank it made a tremendous noise that I will never forget. The impact of the sinking was so great, it shook the waters and we thought our lifeboat would sink too, everyone screamed. After the sinking, which was right at midnight [sic], we were without any lights. As our boat was being paddled in the dark, everyone prayed.I had fainted and I was very depressed (There were 14 people aboard our lifeboat). The next morning we saw a big ship. We were all taken aboard one by one with a rope + a board. On the ship, I met mysister who was also on the Titanic + had been put on one of the other lifeboats. We were given hot tea, blankets and clothes. After four days we arrived in New York. I was ill and was taken to the hospital where I stayed for a week. After a week, I was reunited with my father. My name was Celiney Yasbeck."


1. Spelling and punctuation have been preserved, where possible.
2. Since third class couples were stationed at the stern of the Titanic, and therefore the last area to flood, it is inexplicable that the Yazbecks could find their cabin underwater.

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