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Sidney H.V. Abbott

Sidney Abbott's letter to Lord revealed a little about the Titanic's senior officers. The relevant parts of his letter are provided below:


"Wilde joined the old Teutonic in April 1911 and only served one trip when he was transferred to the Olympic where he remained until he went to the Titanic. During the short period I served with him, three weeks only. I remember him as a splendidly built man, rather quiet, perhaps a stickler for etiquette, but giving the impression of a most efficient officer. ... as regards Murdock [sic]. I served with him in the Oceanic under the well known Capt. Haddock. As I was in that ship for one trip only I saw very little of him and regret I can pass you no information. I can however say this, that for an officer to serve under Haddock [last four words underlined] and be selected for advancement demonstrate without any doubt that he was outstandingly capable."

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