Titanic First Class Passenger Pamphlet

First class passengers on the Titanic were presented with an A5 pamphlet describing the facilities and costs incurred on-board ship, timetables and schedules for other ships and so on, and a warning to be wary of the gamblers who plied their trade! It also has a 1912 sailing schedule for the Titanic herself - a schedule she was destined not to complete...

The pamphlet includes was an incomplete 1st class passenger list; probably to appease the curious it also allowed friends to be reunited. It has the usual spelling mistakes, couples travelling under pseudonyms ("The Morgans" were the Duff-Gordons) and some curious omissions (eg. the Astors).

Due to a scanner malfunction, these page impressions were taken with a digital camera. The text is legible, but the colours are a little awry. The pages are off-white due to age, but here look mostly light brown. Hopefully this will not dispel your interest in this fascinating document.

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