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Maude Slocombe, Turkish Bath Stewardess

Slocombe's recollections are contained as typewritten notes from an interview with Slocombe. I have had to condense these due to time constraints.

July 1955

- had premonition of ship plunging down before journey.

- Sat next to squash coash Fred Wright on train on way down to Soton. He snuggled up, said he never felt worse about taking a ship.

Jarred when she met Chief Steward Latimer while coming aboard, due to bitter feelings from the past. In conversation with him, Latimer asked if the hatchet had been buried? Certainly replied Slocombe

Turkish bath was a mess. Liquor bottles and half eaten sandwiches in every bureau drawer.

No business early part of voyage. She and Crosby spent first four days cleaning up. Finally ready sunday.

Sunday night, mail clerk Iago Smith said he was getting off after this journey; had a girl in Portsmouth. Said he didn't like it. "Sloky I smell ice," he said. She told him not to be silly, you can't smell ice.

Bump woke her up. Heard scuffling outside room, looked out, saw steward Dodd, eyes bulging tells her to go up on deck.

On Boat Deck, steward offers her a little dog, she refuses it but takes a baby offered to her. Murdoch, as confusion grows, calls "Be British".

Asst. 2nd steward Wheat hailed her "Come on sloky, get in here." He pushes her into boat 11.

In the water, boat filled with confusion. One woman had an alarm clock going. Sloky told her to shut it off. "You old bitch."

When picked up, helped in Carpathia's 2nd class dining saloon. A mother rushed up and found the baby she had kept all night.

"Nearer My God To Thee."


1. Spelling and punctuation have been preserved, where possible.
2. "Sloky" is obviously a pet name for Maude Slocombe.

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