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Jessie Leitch, Second Class Passenger

Mrs.J.W.Anderson (74) who had been an inmate at the Home for Aged People, Llanidloes, Montgomeryshire, for the past three years, was one of the survivors from the "Titanic" which sank in the Atlantic on April 14th, 1912 after striking an ice-berg. At the time she was travelling to the United States with her niece, aged six, and her uncle, a Baptist minister [Reverend Harper] who was undertaking a six months' ministry at Moody Church, Chicago.

She was sleeping in her cabin with her niece when between 10 and 11pm [sic], her uncle aroused her saying that he had heard a crash on the side of the ship but did not know what had happened. The three went to the boat deck and towards a lifeboat which was already filling with women and children. She tried to lift her niece into the boat but it was too high and Mrs.Anderson could not manage it. A ship's officer helped her. The lifeboat was swung away from the side of the liner and was lowered into the water at 1.30am. Mrs.Anderson saw the liner sink at 2.25am. she never saw her uncle again.At 8am the next morning the "Carparthia" [sic] took the survivors aboard. Prior to the sailing Mrs.Anderson said she had had a dream which had caused her to count the number of life-boats. There were 20 for 2,206 passengers.


1. Spelling and punctuation have been preserved, where possible.
2. "J.W.Anderson" is obviously Miss Leitch's married name.
3. It is not known where the above information originated. It is typed on yellowing fragments of lined paper, which seemed to come from chopped-up sections of A4 paper.

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