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Herbert Pitman, Titanic's 3rd Officer


Dear Mr.Lord,
Re: your letter of June 4th I am afraid there is little or nothing I can tell you relating to the "Titanic" affair other than which came out at the various enquiries.
The jar of the collision did awaken me, for a moment or so I thought we have come to an anchor, but in a matter of a couple of seconds I realized that could not be so. I immediately got up, dressed and come [?] on deck, met [?] Lightoller. At that time we were informed we had struck an iceberg and doubt very much if Lightoller went back to bed, if it states so in his evidence, it must be correct.
I realized we had struck an iceberg when I saw ice on the forward well deck.
I did not hear any squabble between Lowe and Bruce Ismay, Ismay did not get in my way whilst at work at the boats, did not see him until he arrived alongside the "Carpathia."
I did not realize the gravity of the situation when Murdock [sic] wished me luck in leaving the ship. I did not hear the band playing.
I retired from the sea some 6 years ago.

Yours sincerely
Herbert J. Pitman

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