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George Harris, Cook

16th December 1956,

Sir, Please accept my apologies for not answering your letter sooner, at present I am a cook on a small Diesel Trawler, and due to bad weather we have been held up with his trip.
I was in R.M.S. Adriatic with Commander E.J.Smith, and Chief Officer Mr.Murdock, I was Roast, Fish, Sauce, Cook in the Saloon Galley transferring to the Titanic in the same position
I was on the promenade deck when we struck the Iceberg and I saw a lady come out of her suite of rooms with two children I told her to leave the children with me and get as many rugs as she could find to cover the children and herself when up came Chief Officer Murdock, he told an A.B. to take one of the children and I the other with the lady to the lifeboat, so I have to thank the Chief Officer for my escape, and we were picked up by the Carpathia.
I have had a charmed life, I am 75 years of age was torpedoed four times in the last war, also a prisoner in Singapore and Hong Kong, and I was in an Earthquake in Napier New Zealand.


1. Spelling and punctuation have been preserved, where possible.

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