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Eleanor Cassebeer, First Class Passenger

9th November 1955

Have read with great interest "A Night To Remember" April 14th 1912.
As I am a survivor of the S.S. Titanic, I was in officer Pitman's boat. My stateroom was next to Mr. and Mrs. Harper's end. I sat at the table at Dr. O'Laughlin's [sic] left side, with Mr.Thomas Andrews opposite me. Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt sat besides Mr.Andrews, and I think next came a Mr. and Mrs.Lord, and then a Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dick.
My dinner companion was Mr.Anderson who sat right next to me.
When the boat struck the ice berg I was lying in my bed playing with a ball bearing electric candle, I immediately opened my door and ran into the corridor, and going up the stairs to A deck, I met Mr.Anderson my dinner companion. He said to me I have been looking for you. We went up on deck, and there was a tremendous crowd milling around. We could not hear each other speak because they were exhausting steam and playing a siren, so Mr.A. said to me, we better go back to the drawing room. As we walked into the drawing room Purser Mc.Elroy came towards us and told us what to do. Mr.A. asked me if I was frightened, I said "No" not at all.
Mr.A. said to me go down to your cabin and do as Mr.McElroy told us, and come back on deck and remain here where we are standing.
I owe my life to discipline and a pretty dress. If you would like to know about the pretty dress, I would like the opportunity of telling it to you some day soon.
Col.Gracie was an old time friend of mine and my family and he did not tell me the same story of his survival as you have written. Officer Pitman did not order the boat returned to scene of the disaster, he ordered the men to row away as fast as possible to avoid the suction which might have carried us down with the boat sinking.
Mrs.Warren sat right next to Officer Pitman and I sat next to Mrs.Warren.
If it had to be I would not have missed it for anything, and my friends tell me [I] have the heart of Nero. I hope you will be interested in my story and grant me an interview. I am the only survivor that I know of who has the photographs that were taken as we approached the Carpathia. They were given to me by the gentlemen who took them.


1. Spelling and punctuation have been preserved, where possible.
2. O'Loughlin dined in the restaurant with Ismay on the night of April 14th; Jane Hoyt confirmed that in the dining saloon she and her husband sat with Dr O'Loughlin, Dr.Simpson, and Thomas Andrews.
3. It is a great shame that Walter Lord did not inquire about the discrepancies in Gracie's account.

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