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A.Brian Mainwaring, Seaman

A.Brian Mainwaring's letter to Lord, dated 29/3/56 notes that he served as a navigating officer for nine years 1919-1928 in the White Star Line serving on the Olympic (3 years) and the Majestic (4 years) under Commodore Sir Bertram Fox Hayes. "During these periods I met and discussed very fully with many of the survivors of the 'Titanic' what really did happen."

"I met Stone on one occasion during World War 1. It was a well known fact and quoted by him to his friends that Captain Lord of the 'California' [sic] was an insufferable S.O.B. That after Stone tried to get him to come up on the bridge he turned to the apprentice and said 'Well, let the bastard sleep.'

"I doubt there were two men up [in the crowsnest] - we never had more than one in the Olympic and Majestic." During his time on the Olympic, Fred Fleet was serving on board.

regarding the hymn "Abide with me" being played by band in 'Last Night's TV presentation' of "A Night To Remember" [this is the Kraft Television Theatre version]; "I have always doubted [the story that the band played while the ship was going down]. Every survivor I met I closely questioned on his point not one heard or saw the band...I don't think all those I questioned could have been wrong. True, the din of escaping steam would prevent many from hearing the music but both Lightoller and Pitman when we talked on the matter just laughed and told me that they heard or saw nothing of the band."

"One point I can state positively - the White Star Line never recovered from this disaster. new ships being built were Cunard, more ships, more promotion, and promotion in the W.S.L. was stagnant. Furthermore when the lines amalgamated Cunard men were promoted to command and senior positions - which was entirely unjust."


1. Spelling and punctuation have been preserved, where possible.
2. Lightoller's claimed dismissal of the band is in direct contrast to his recollections contained in his autobiography.

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