The Honour and Glory Time and Tide Exhibition

I atteneded the Tide and Time museum in Great Yarmouth in August 2017 which was currently hosting an exhibit of items from the Honour and Glory. Despite being a small exhibition, there are many items of interest - and it also dispelled a few myths. One of the most common was that Honour and Glory would pass off reproductions as genuine historical items. This rumour, passed on by the owner of a similar exhibition (who has tried to pass off non-authentic Titanic lifebelts as the real thing even though Ken Marschall had voiced his doubts, and then included Red Star Line crockery that had been modified to look like White Star equivalents) and no doubt spurned on by jealousy is false - the museum had signs stating where recreations had been used. I didn't bother taking photos of movie-related items.

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Robert Norman's pocketwatch, loaned from the Greenwich National Maritime Museum.
A section from the Olympic's Grand Staircase
Fittings from the Olympic.
A great model of the wreck. The stern is actually more damaged than this model indicates!
Keys from a recovered body.

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