The Honour and Glory Time and Tide Exhibition

I atteneded the Tide and Time museum in Great Yarmouth in August 2017 which was currently hosting an exhibit of items from the Honour and Glory. Despite being a small exhibition, there are many items of interest - and it also dispelled a few myths. One of the most common was the Honour and Glory would pass off reproductions as genuine historical items. This rumour, passed on by the owner of a similar exhibition and no doubt spurned on by jealousy is false - the museum had signs stating where recreations had been used. I didn't bother taking photos of movie-related items.

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Robert Norman's pocketwatch, loaned from the Greenwich National Maritime Museum.
A section from the Olympic's Grand Staircase
Fittings from the Olympic.
A great model of the wreck. The stern is actually more damaged than this model indicates!
Keys from a recovered body.

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