Lightoller's Yacht, Sundowner
The Ramsgate Maritime Museum

Lightoller's yacht Sundowner is moored in the marina at Ramsgate in Kent, England. It is part of the Maritime Museum and is normally closed to visitors but I was allowed access and given a tour by one of the museum staff. Below are some of the pictures showing its interior and exterior.
The yacht was requisitioned by the British Admiralty in 1940 to assist in the evacuation of troops from Dunkirk as part of "Operation Dynamo". Lightoller permitted this on condition that he commanded it which he did on June 1st. On the beaches, one of the would-be escapees balked in horror when he found out that the ex-second officer of the Titanic was in command and he refused to board it. He was told by another troop that, on the contrary he had excellent survival credentials; if he could survive the Titanic, he could survive this! Heavily overloaded, the Sundowner made it back to Britain and it is said that 75 people were crammed into the cabins and 55 on deck. When one is aboard this tiny boat and views the cramped spaces, it is incredible to believe that so many could have been on board during its heroic mission of valour.

The Sundowner from the far side of the marina; the building to the left is the Maritime Museum.

Stern view of the Sundowner; the open hatch leads to the galley.

Bow of the Sundowner

Panoramic view of the Sundowner; the distortion is camera induced.

Profile port view.

Profile starboard view.

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The Maritime Museum Hoardings

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Brief biography of Lightoller

Description of the Sundowner at Dunkirk

Photos of Lightoller and Sundowner

Lightoller and Gerald Ashcroft, who was also on the voyage to Dunkirk

Charles Lightoller and his son, Roger

Lightoller and friends

Lightoller in command of a sailing vessel

Lightoller's widow, Sylvia, participating in the 25th anniversary of Dunkirk in 1965.

Sundowner in "patrol colours."

Letter from Sylvia Lightoller to a Dunkirk evacuee

Restoration of the Sundowner

More restoration work

More restoration work

Sundowner returns to Dunkirk in 1990

Information about Sundowner

Further restoration in 2005.

More restoration

More restoration work

Sundowner leaves for Dunkirk in 2005

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