Photographs from the National Maritime Museum and the Lord-Macquitty Collection

Most of the Lord Macquitty collection is in the form of letters and newspaper clippings, although there are a few photographic items in the Caird Library. This list, which will be added to, features some of those items. Only the Birnbaum items (donated by his family) and the Russell pig (which was bequeathed to Walter Lord) are on display at the time of these photographs (July 2014)

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A photo and information of Titanic victim, Jakob Birnbaum

The inventory of the Jakob Birnbaum collection

Jakob Birnbaum's watch and body tag

An entry from Joachim Birnbaum's Hebrew calendar (illegible)

The White Star agents in Belgium advise that the body of Birnbaum will be arriving on the "Vaderland". Note that the name of the Titanic has been scratched out.

Edith Russell's (Rosenbaum) "Lucky musical pig."

Photographs that appeared in "The Hampshire Advertiser", showing the Titanic on April 4th, 1912. The original photographs, which would be of superior clarity, are believed to have been destroyed.

Despite what the Caption says, this is actually the Olympic.

Taken after the Olympic's arrival after its maiden voyage in 1911, Captain Smith, in his "Summer Whites" uniform, peers out of the starboard bridge wing "cab". This shows a good view of the morse lamp and green sidelight.

A Titanic ticket, and a view of the ship being fitted in.

Two views of the Olympic.

The Titanic steams down the Solent soon after starting its maiden voyage

Charles Wilhelms stands next to the massive fourth funnel of the Titanic.

Souvenir postcards of the disaster

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