The Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool

A selection of Titanic related photos from the Merseyside Maritime Museum; note that there are no photos of the Ismay family silver or the builder's model as I felt that these have probably suffered from over-exposure. I focussed on the lesser known artefacts.

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I took this photo of an information board for the simple reason that its a lovely picture of Ismay and his wife; one I had never seen before.

A casting for one of the Titanic's bells. The base is nearly two feet in diameter.

Casting pattern for a sidelight (porthole)

Another casting pattern for a sidelight (porthole)

Some examples of crockery.

More crockery, and an instruction diagram for White Star lifeboats

Four floor tiles (out of focus, sorry)

A miscellany of White Star items

Officer's uniform

The steam whistles for the MV Britannia, similar to the ones on the Olympic and Titanic

Replica items, which patrons were invited to touch

A ship's lifebelt and lifeboat nameplate plaque (from boat 4)

More miscellany including thole pins from lifeboat No.9

Two White Star plaques from the lifeboats

More miscellany including personal effects

Yet more miscellany including medals

Items recovered from the seabed including a ventilation grille.

More items recovered from the seabed.

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