The Titanic and the British Newspaper Archive

While a lot of research has been performed on the American papers and their coverage of the Titanic disaster, comparatively little effort has been expended on their British counterparts, and most snippets have emerged from national dailies, like The Times, the Daily Mail etc, or papers in close proximity to Titanic-related events (the Plymouth papers which described the return of the crew on the Lapland and so on). With the formation of the British Newspaper Archive about five years ago, this is gradually being addressed, but it is slow going with an estimated 80 million newspaper pages during the period 1710-1959 (and not all papers will be digitised for reasons of copyright or fragility of the original source material). Since 2013 I have been collecting pages from the British Newspaper Archive to supplement my own research at the British Library and some of these are presented here.

NB: The pages are in pdf format; other BNA excerpts can be found on other pages on this site.

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