1911 and 1912 Titanic and Olympic adverts

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During my literature search in the engineering and shipping magazines, I came across adverts advertising company's products associated with the Olympic class ships; it would seem that, like today, companies thought that associating with the largest and most publicised "product" would guarantee good prestige. It's a double edged sword though! After the Titanic disaster, not one advert was seen in which the name of the doomed ship appeared!

Note: I am unfamiliar with many of the companies that provided fittings to the "Olympics", (unless it was a well known name like Hingley's, Welin etc.), so unless the advert explicitly mentioned "Olympic" and/or "Titanic", I omitted taking a picture of them.

Unfortunately many of the images suffer from distortion due to the nearby presence of a very tightly bound spine; it is hoped that a suitable software tool may be able to remove much of this distortion.

From The Times Engineering Supplement of March 27th, 1912; Bedlam's Packings and Jointings.

An advert from N.Hingley and Sons Ltd, dispaying their anchors, which were used on the three Olympic class vessels.

The Ross-Schofield Marine Boiler Circulator. Further details can be found on this page.

The Railton, Campbell & Crawford company advertises its patent furnace bars, fresh and feed-water filters and ash hoists.

Waygood lifts, as fitted to the Titanic and the Olympic.

Bedlam's Excelsior Metallic Rings. An article can be found here.

The "Regulator" patent Furnace Bridge

Two adverts for Aspinall's Patent Marine Engine Governer

J.W.Ray and Co. telegraphs.

Bedlams Packings and Jointings

Harvie's lanterns. An editorial on the lanterns can be found here

Welin advertises its lifeboat davits; a little bit exploitative as the advert was placed slightly more than two weeks after the disaster!

Waygood Lifts.

Wailes, Dove and Co.'s "Bitumastic" coverings.

Citroën steering gears as used in the Olympic and Titanic.

Bullivants' steel wire hawsers and ropes, as used in the launches of the Olympic and Titanic. A small article on the products can be found here

Another advert for Ross-Schofield circulators. This advert is pre-disaster; in the issues of the magazine after the sinking, the line saying "R.M.S. Titanic is fitted with 159 circulators" is absent! Further details can be found on this page.

Yet another advert for Waygood Lifts; a close-up of the elevator carriage is to the right. This advert is from after the Titanic sinking, so obviously there is no mention of the doomed liner!

Alfred Graham and Co. Patent Loud Speaking Naval Telephones; a close-up is to the right.

An advert for the German floating crane used in the fitting out of the Olympic and Titanic.

The Sunderland Forge and Engineering Co. showing their electric winches

Cockburn's patent Emergency Stop And Regulating Valve

Railton, Campbell and Crawford's bars, hoists and filters.

Willett Bruce Steamship Whistles

Bulivant's ropes and hawsers

Welin davits, show the ones fitted to the Olympic.

Furnace Fronts, from the Economic Forged Draught And Engineering Company, Ltd of Liverpool

Campbell Patent Furnace Bars

Citroën steering gears as used in the Olympic and Titanic.

Cockburn's Combined Emergency And Regulating Valve

"Packing for marine engineers" by the United States Metallic Packing Co., Ltd.

Bullivants Wire Ropes.

The Sunderland Forge and Engineering Co. showing their electric winches

Berndorf solid nickel cooking utensils.

"Venesta" products

Welin Davits

Aspinall's Governor

Engelhardt's boats, from the Liverpool Journal of Commerce published account of the British Titanic Inquiry.

Aspinall's Governer

A few adverts from "Fairplay" Journal

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