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This cheeky chappie, hogging the limelight in a tranquil moment of intimacy has brought much pleasure to the masses too, who wanted him inserted into their own pictures! The original Squirrelizer has vanished from the face of the Information Super Hardshoulder, but hopefully this page will serve as a suitable replacement. Here you can add the little rodent to your own pictures.

How to use

You can specify your own background and - should you wish not to use the squirrel - foreground image. You may have to scale your image according using MS Paint, PhotoShop or whatever.

Normally, if you superimpose a foreground image over a background image, the backing is obscured, so you need to specify which color you want to be transparent, to allow the background to show through. You can find the hex value by uploading your image into (for instance) Paint, use the pipette tool to select a colour and then, in the colours menu, get the red, green and blue values for this colour. If you open up calculator, input these values one at a time, and then, in scientific mode, click on Hex. Then with all three values, input them into the relevant window, for instance FF37DE

You can specify how many pixels you want the foreground image to be placed on the background, and you can resize it too.

If you want to use your own foreground image, you must be aware of a few things: the background needs to be a single color, different from any other colour in the un-transparent image. Otherwise, there may be portions of the image that become transparent, which you don't want. Thats why I have made the background of the squirrel blue - the software makes everything of that shade of blue transparent. And there isn't any blue in a squirrel, so there are no areas of the squirrel that will become transparent.

The other thing to remember is that some graphical formats have artefacts that will prevent a clean transparency from occurring. You'll need to paint these out manually, sorry! The best thing I can suggest is that you try the squirrelizer and see for yourself.

If you don't want to relocate the foreground image, leave the box blank.

To save the image, right click and save it as a PNG, eg "Squirrel.png".

Use SquirrelUse your own foreground image

Transparent colour (RGB hex):
Shift foreground (pixels):

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