Science Museum Ship Models

Taken in November 2008, these are some of the magnificent ships models and items housed in a special gallery of the Science Museum in London.

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The White Star Line's second vessel to be named Oceanic, launched in 1899. The forward deck on the model shows two large guns, probably outfitted during World War 1.

The Campania, a Cunard liner.
The first Cunard ship, the Paddle Steamer (PS) Britannia.

Brunel's vision: the Great Eastern.

Cunard's First Mauretania

The RMS Olympic, sister ship to the Titanic. The model used to face the other way, so that you could see the staterooms in the mirror. The model has a few flaws: for instance, the compass platform between funnels 2 and 3 is too far forward, and the roof of the bridge shows a bulwark enclosing a binnacle (compass housing)

A huge model of the Queen Elizabeth

Model of a Scotch Boiler, similar to the type used on the Titanic.

Reciprocating engines; again, similar to the type use to drive the wing propellers of the Titanic.

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