Australian Wildlife

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Most people would say that Canberra is not the most exciting of places. And I'd be one of them. During my first trip to Canberra, most of the team was spent being patronisingly told by staff members and fellow researchers "not to touch those wires", as if I would rip them out. As if ;-)

So, for some of the time, I decided to wander and explore my environment, and I found the Canberra Zoo and Aquarium. These are some pictures.

This scrawny thing came pecking (literally) at our dinner table one lunchtime. It ran off with Chris Jones' sandwich!
A Kangaroo. My mum was horrifed when I told her that I had tried kangaroo stew. She is an animal lover and admonished me with "You can't eat kangaroos! They're pets!"
More kangaroos enjoying lunch. Notice the lazy one on the right hand side!
Kangaroo, hopping mad. Sorry!
More Kangaroos.

Tazmanian Devil, about the size of a large terrier.
Little wallabies. I think they need to go on a diet!
A wombat.

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