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After our very busy experimental schedule, we had time off to explore Australia and the rest of the world on our way home. Naturally, you couldn't visit Australia without seeing Sydney!

The Sydney Harbour Bridge. Very reminiscent of the one in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
The Opera House, looking at it from the quayside.
The Opera House, whilst on the Jet-Cat to the Aquarium in Manly, across the bay.
Waterborne view of the city, whilst rounding the bay to Darling Harbour.
The massive Sydney Tower, very reminiscent in terms of design and size to the Stratosphere in Las Vegas (except theres no roller coaster at the top!). Fortunately, there is a cocktail bar at the top of the top, selling very nice cocktails and VB (not Visual Baisc, Victoria Bitter!). I needed it to soothe my nerves, 1000+ feet up!

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