Miscellaneous Pictures of the original Mauretania

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Early Years

Model of the Mauretania being displayed

The Mauretania under construction

Under the gantry, next to an 8300 steamer under construction. A slightly better version can be found here.

The ship's four massive propellers

Ready to be launched. A better quality version is here

The ship is launched

The Mauretania's anchor chains

On launch day, officials drive through one of the ship's funnels

The Mauretania leaves the Tyne on its speed trials

Leaving the Tyne to commence her maiden voyage

Passing through the Sandon Entrance at Liverpool Docks

Entering the West Canada Dock, Liverpool

At the Liverpool Landing Stage

The After Bridge

The Maiden Voyage of the Mauretania

The Mauretania and Lusitania pass each other in the River Mersey

The Mauretania at full speed

A photo to commemorate the final crossing of the Mauretania under Captain Pritchard, Commodore of the fleet in December 1909

August 30th, 1909: the Mauretania calls at Fishguard, tenders taking passengers ashore.

During World War 1, anxiety as to the whereabouts of the Mauretania is
set at rest by the publication of this snapshot
depicting her at the Dardanelles.

Her wartime dazzle camouflage

The Mauretania and the Turbinia

The Mauretania gets stuck on a mud bank in the Mersey

Later Years

At Southampton Docks

Late 1920s painting of the Mauretania

The Mauretania passing the seaplane
"Golden Arrow" having completed a record crossing

The ship being fuelled at Southampton

At berth 101 at the New Docks in Southampton

The ship being fuelled with oil at Curacao

Advert featuring Cunard White Star ships

The Mauretania at Madeira

An advert for Southampton Docks, showing
the Olympic and Mauretania.

The Mauretania joins the Homeric, Majestic,
Aquitania and others at Southampton docks in 1931

The Mauretania being fulled with British Mexican Fuel Oil at Southampton

The Mauretania starts one of her final voyages to New York

The Blue Ensign flies from the stern of the ship.

Scrapping and aftermath

The dome, bought by a Mr.Martin of Guernsey.

The interior fittings are auctioned at Southampton during an eight day bidding spree.

The large crowds see off the Mauretania

The sad, but proud recollections of the Mauretania's crew, including fireman T.Hale who claimed to be a survivor of the Titanic

The Mauretania passes under the Forth Bridge

A lone piper welcomes the Mauretania.

The Mauretania arrives in Rosyth for scrapping. Note
the shortened masts, to allow her to pass under the Forth bridge

The model of the Mauretania on display at Winchester Cathedral;
In later years, it was on display at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich

This painting of the Mauretania at Rosyth was placed in the RMS Queen Mary's tourist class smoking room.

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