Lego Bricks in Motion Exhibition, Chester Cathedral 2016

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A riverboat

A cargo ship

The Montgolfier brothers balloon

A selection of horse-drawn carriages.


More cars

Buses and cars

The Orient Express

The Mallard

Hypothetical spaceplane

A possible spacecraft

A Mars landing spacecraft?


Moon buggy and LEM

Bell X1, "Glamorous Glennis"


The Z1 dirigible


A 747

Vostok 1

Sputnik 1

Saturn V


A magnificent 220,000 brick, 7.2 metre long model of the Titanic, complete with miniature figures including an orchestra!


In work for some 15 months, the Cathedral is raising money for conversation by allowing visitors to help build a Lego replica, at £1 per brick. The organisers told me that they have a machine into which the Cathedral plans can be fed, and are presented with Lego blueprints.

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