Facebook Memes

An assemblage of Facebook memes, to insert into the comments section to replace, or supplement your own withering comments. Click on the thumbnails for a larger version, save to your own computer and use to your own advantage :)

You sir, are an assholeThat's why we never visit you guys
Ba-Dum Tsch!No.....er, ok.
That was more bullshit than I can handleIt's a no from me
I'm sorry, I'm a little allergic to bullshitOh, that's nasty
What the hell is this shit?Oooooooooh!
Cool story bro!Your opinion is shit!
Did I read that right?Chortle! Picard stifles a smirk.
Well played sir!What the hell did I just read?
Oh, my GodROFL! Happy seal
The DNA results show that you are a twatWhat the f**k am I reading?
I don't want to live anymoreThe sarcasm is strong with this one.
What the....?I see what you did there!
Huh?!Thumbs up from Selwyn!
Enough of this nonsense!Are you serious?
Well, that escalated quickly!Naughty! Slap on wrist!
Explain this shit!Arghh! I've had enough!
Get off my planet!You Ninny, says Dr.Zachary Smith
Good job dumbass!Snidely Whiplash plots...
What am I seeing....?!Dear God, says Spiderman.
Ha ha ha!My attachment unavailable meter is blowing up
Happy seal!Our generation is retarded...?
Ugh!The stupidity is strong with this one.
Did I read that right?Shhh...I'm hiding from stupid people...
How about no?Your ignorances is rather entertaining.
Huh??!!Thumbs down
I get it. It just isn't funny.Thumbs down.
Well, I'll be damned...Tumbleweed. Enough said.
It takes me a minute to process so much stupid."Nooooooooooo!" Not even Darth Vader can take your crap!
I smell bullshit...That really makes me want to puke!
It's a lie!What the f**k am I reading?!
Matt Hooper disagrees with you!Whatever. Go f**k yourself.
That joke went right over my headWhat? What?
The Keyboard Warrior finds that amusing.Why would you post something like that?
Kill it with fire!Whoooahhhh! (The original image is uncorrupted)
Looks fine to me...What the f**k did I just read?
You blew my mind!What did I just read?!
Mother of God...Even the Minions can't take this crap!
Mother of God....."Yeah....I like that..."
Multicoloured yawn.You don't say?!
Enthralling Tales...Slow hand Clap
Bullshit detected Oh God No
What the f...... What have you done?
Nobody Cares! I'm Going To Unlike This Page!
Bullshit - That's a photoshop! People that give a shit are over there
Says here "nobody gives a f***"! According to my research - you're full of shit.
Who the f*** cares WTH ?
What has been seen
Cannot be unseen
Epic Facepalm
Give us a warning! You're soooo interesting....
Here's one to put on a thread when a question has been already answered but people still insist on replying, often with wrong replies. Captain, detecting large quantities of bullshit!
I just came here to read the comments Shit Stirrers Everywhere
I would explain it to you, but I'm all out of puppets and crayons. Tinfoil Hat Engage!
The Letters W, T and F. Moments Before This Post Was Made...
I'm Not Saying I Hate You... Data's readings suggest bullshit!
La La La La La ... I can't hear you! The Best Place For Your Opinion ... Is Up Your Ass!
My crucifix is armed and ready. I'm going to back away...
From now on... Perhaps f*** off might be too kind.
Your IQ test is negative. WTF3.
You make me want to punch the screen. Mother of God...
Zzzzzzzzzz...... Did IQs just drop sharply?
A major shitstorm. A level of stupid I've not seen in a long time.
Bibbity Bobbity. Superman will ignore you!
Little Prick. You're a dick.
I cannot believe any of this voodoo bullshit! STFU!
Something for the flouncers... Even Bert and Ernie aren't impressed!
Who left the bag of idiots open? Computer says flounce.
Incoming Bullshit! Good of you to show up.
Lol this c**t C**ts or mentally ill?
Even Jackie Chan wonders WTF... Bill Cosby thinks you're full of shit
You're Missing This... Deal With It.
I don't know how to respond to this... Agree to disagree...or maybe not...
I'm going to flash myself! Let Me Process This Shit.
Searching for a fuck... Time for medication.
Oh my dad. Your opinion has been noted.
This drives me up the wall What you can do with your opinion.
Of all the dumb ideas... Please poke my eyes out.
Just rolling past your drama and BS Put your opinion where it belongs
I'm offended! I'm cleaning your screen...
Was I supposed to give a f*** My give a fuck-o-meter reading.
Oh Look! Cunty
Foghorn Leghorn is not impressed What a load of bollocks
You're going to have to leave the internet. Stealing memes!
No shit? Thanks for telling us...
The Stupidest Thing I've Read All Day No Shit Sherlock
I'm Bored Your Opinion
Say it again, mister! Doc Brown thinks its bullshit.
Entering the comments section? Cunt begone!
Cunt Cake How very interesting...
It was time for Thomas to leave

Animated Memes

Vira- "Doctor Who" (The Ark In Space) No Shit (from "Smokey and the Bandit 3")
Flounce with Flair! (Johnny going to the tower from "Airplane!") Hohum (Zod from Superman 2)
Oh dear (From "The Producers")

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