John F.Kennedy Assassination resources

  1. JFK- Fact or Fabrication, an article I wrote as a rebuttal to Kal Korff and his Fortean Times Unconvention talk a few years back. Gerald Posner II, in a nutshell.
  2. JFK Shots-An interactive webpage showing where the assassination witnesses were located in Dealey Plaza and what they heard. Requires javascript and pop-ups to be enabled.
  3. "The Death of Kennedy" - my review of this 1967 BBC discussion.
  4. Bunched jacket or bunch of nonsense? - Is the recent film of Kennedy before he was shot simply a red-herring?
  5. Was the Zapruder film faked?

Other resources

  1. Dealey Plaza UK - the UK Kennedy Assassination research group. A friendly bunch of chaps, well regarded for their excellent research. IMHO, Russel Kent's paper in the articles subsection on "The Wounding of John Connally" destroys the Single Bullet Theory, and hence the lone assassin theory.
  2. JFK Lancer - debates all aspects of Jack and Robert Kennedy, their lives and their deaths.
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