The Kennedy Witnesses

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It has always fascinated me how many witnesses to the Kennedy slaying report conflict stories: how many shots were fired, and from where. What I hope to do with this (eventually!) is to perhaps find some connection between the testimony and what was reported: for example, some bystanders report that the sound of shots from the Knoll were echoes caused by the geography of Dealey Plaza. Interestingly, the only person to perform a full scale recreation of the/a shooting in the Plaza (Oliver Stone) reports in an interview that depending on the placing of his extras during the making of his film "JFK", some people heard some shots, all the shots or nothing. He likened the geography of the plaza to being like a canyon. Sadly, a letter to him, asking if he could provide some more information on this matter, was unanswered!

The witness statements contained in the documenat are from the following people: Adams, Altgens, Arce, Betzner, Boone, Bowers, Brehm, Brennan, Burns, Chism, Cowsert, Craig, Crawford, Dougherty, Franzen, Harkness, Hatgood, Hesters, Hill, Hine, Holland, Hudson, Jarman, J.M.Smith, J.Newman, L.Willis, Millican, M.R.Reid, Nix, Piper, Price, P.Willis, Reilly, Romack, Rowland, Shelley, Skelton, Smith, Tague, Truly, W.Newman, Worrell, Zapruder

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