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Castle Hotel

A "Green Lady" is said to walk the mansion; she is said to be a girl who found herself pregnant and committed suicide as the child was conceived outside of wedlock.

Update: 6/3/20 Denise Robertson of the hotel informs me that, "As with many grand old homes such as The Castle Hotel, There is often rumours or reports of strange happenings. I am unable to speak for my colleagues, However one particular day when there was no children in the building I distinctly heard the cry of a baby. Some hours later when a couple of guests had checked in and there was only myself and them in the building, I had them come to me and complain of loud doors banging very close to them. So I duly went to investigate and found that there was nothing nearby to make this sound unless the door had been physically pushed shut hard. This was very odd but not frightening. I have felt nothing but welcomed by our ethereal neighbours"

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